Lake Burwain

Pendle Canal Walks – Lake Burwain (2.7 miles)

by Colne Life magazine

The Leeds & Liverpool Canal, with a total length of 127 1/4 miles, was opened in 1816. It links the sea port of Liverpool with the Aire and Calder Navigation at Leeds so forming a through route between the Irish Sea and the North Sea. Although no longer vital to local industry it is now an important attraction for the leisure industry.

Points of Interest:

Smithy Lane: stop and look left to take in the magnificent views of Pendle Hill and Blacko Tower on the way down.

Lake Burwain: built as the main feed for the canal, the Sailing Club has been using it for many years.

Langroyd Hall: built in 1605 for the Carr family. James Carr wrote the Annals of Colne (the first written history of Colne) and Edward Carr was twice mayor of Colne.

Flora and Fauna:

The area is home to a wide diversity of life.

Watch out for: Great Crested Grebe, Moorhen, Grey Heron, Canada Goose and Long Tailed Tits. Water Voles, Rabbits and Foxes. Red Campion, Purple Loosestrife, Meadow Cranesbill and Forget-me-nots. The magnificent Holly, Hawthorn, Rowan and Ash. Peacock, Painted Lady and Meadow Brown Butterflies, Damsel and Dragon flies.