Foulridge Wharf

Pendle Canal Walks – Foulridge Wharf and County Brook (5 miles)

by Colne Life magazine

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Points of interest:

• Foulridge Wharf – built in 1796
• Mile tunnel – look for the traffic lights just under the tunnel
• Mileage post at bridge 149
• Water inlet – just before bridge, feeding the canal from

White Moor Reservoir
• Mount Pleasant Methodist Chapel – still holding services to this day

Flora and Fauna:

The area is home to a wide diversity of life.

Watch for: Heron, Tawny Owl, Chiffchaffs, Swans and Kingfishers Water Voles, Bats, Hedgehogs and Rabbits Primrose, Clover, Speedwell, Foxglove and Woodruff The beautiful Willow, Aspen, Wild Rose and Hazel

Click here to download and print walk (PDF)