Losing lb’s and Raising £’s

losing lbs raising £s

2014 began with many people across Burnley and Pendle starting the New Year making that resolution to lose weight.

At Slimming World many amazing members joined groups throughout the area wanting that all important wish to get into that little black dress by next Christmas.

Well we did it across all our warm, friendly and welcoming groups during a six week challenge 585 stone has been lost, that’s the equivalent weight of 25 baby elephants.

Each and every group’s members committed to the six week challenge, raising money for local Charities and Pendleside Hospice, sponsored slims, collection boxes in group and a fantastic end of challenge social event at David Street Club, Barrowford. Pendleside Hospice were delighted to collect a fantastic donation from Slimming World Groups in Burnley and Pendle for £1,028.

Local obesity figures show that over 12 per cent of adults are on the obesity register, but in some towns this soars to over 21 per cent, twice the national average of 10.5 percent.

In all Slimming World groups across the region the serious issue of tackling what’s been described as a ‘ticking time bomb’ is being met head on by starting members on a healthy eating plan combined with exercise and that all important group support to enable the lbs to fall off and stay off for life.

Each of the Groups in Barnoldswick, Barrowford, Colne and Nelson have members with their own success stories even that of the groups consultants are amazing, and week after week that enthusiasm for a plan that final works is shared with new and existing members. Fantastic amazing recipe ideas that can satisfy the heartiest of appetites enjoy your
food and still lose weight, enjoy the freedom of feeding the whole family healthy meals that everyone can enjoy, bringing an end to the misery of yo-yo dieting with fantastic, fulfilling, healthy meals that taste awesome, its extra easy food optimising that can last a lifetime, Love Life Love Slimming World.

Our groups are open 52 weeks a year for one and all, young, middle aged, young at heart Slimming Worlds Food Optimising Plan caters for every age group and with the rate of obesity growing in the UK at an astonishing rate our consultants are ready to help, we all have our own success stories being members before becoming consultants so you can rest assured that we’ve been there, got the t-shirt and are living the plan.

“Slimming World is not just about losing weight,” said one of the Colne consultants “its about getting out into the local community and making a difference, bringing people together with a common goal to lose weight and finally changing lives.”

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