Five ways to stay healthy

by Colne Life magazine

Dr Hilary Jones

Dr Hilary Jones

“Spring has finally sprung! For many, this creates the perfect opportunity to ‘spring clean’ our health,” explains TV medic Dr Hilary Jones. “Here are my healthy top tips for the new season ahead!”

Set yourself a challenge 

Challenging yourself can reveal qualities you didn’t know you had, and spring is a great time to get outdoors and set yourself a new goal that you can work towards. It might be a 10K run, a parachute jump or the London to Paris bike ride, and why not get some friends on board too for added fun and motivation! Convincing yourself that you will conquer the challenge will make you believe it, whilst boosting your self-esteem and selfconfidence in the process!

Banish unnecessary stress

Having too much on our plate can leave us feeling drained and anxious so it’s important to create a balance. Take 10 minutes to reflect on the things you find stressful in life and think about ways to limit them or get rid of them altogether! Unclutter your mind before bed every
night and give yourself time to think about the things in your daily routine that are really important to you.

Get health wise

Do you know your cholesterol level and your ratio of good fats to bad fats in your blood? What’s your blood pressure reading? What is your height-weight ratio and what is your body fat percentage? Staying on top of your health and taking positive steps to look after yourself today will help to protect your health in the years to come whilst giving you a baseline to compare with in the future.

Spring clean your senses

Staying connected with the world around us is key to our happiness, relationships and emotional wellbeing. Whilst many of us visit our optician and dentist regularly, we wrongly neglect our hearing health – with research showing people can wait up to 10 years before taking action on a hearing problem! Don’t waste time wondering whether your hearing is what it should be – get the facts by getting a free hearing test. This spring hearing specialists Hidden Hearing is offering a 3 month supply of Healthspan Multivitamins and a copy of Dr Hilary Jones ’50 Tips to a Healthier YOU’ with every free hearing test.

Perfect portioning

Most of us know what we should be eating in order to stay healthy but portion size is something that many us don’t give much thought to. According to the British Heart Foundation, our portion sizes have increased by more than 50% in the last 20 years, so try using your hand to measure your portion sizes: A portion the size of the palm of your hand should be your protein, two fist-size portions for your vegetables/salad, one fist or less is your carbohydrates (potato, rice, pasta etc.). Chewing your food properly and putting your fork down between mouthfuls will also allow your brain time to register that your stomach is full.