Colne woman turns life around through Inspire pilot

by Colne Life magazine

A Colne woman who was banned from the town’s pubs and clubs was given the Chance to Change and has turned her life around.

Since August 1 anyone who’d normally be automatically banned for drink or drug related offences are given two options by licensees who are members of CAND (Communities Against Night-time Disorder), the town’s pubwatch scheme.

They can either be banned from Colne’s pubs and clubs or attend five sessions at Inspire, East Lancashire’s Integrated Substance Misuse Service, for help with any alcohol or drugs related problems.

And given the choice between the ban or attending the sessions, ‘Claudine’ chose to take part in the Chance to Change sessions – the first of their kind in the UK.

The 48-year-old had decided enough was enough and was ready to tackle her alcohol problem.

‘Claudine’ found herself hitting rock bottom after her mother died. She turned to alcohol to get through the grief, regularly drinking up to three litres a day of cider causing serious damage to her liver.

She said: “When I first received the letter to say I’d been banned I was really angry but then I decided to attend the sessions and see what they were all about. After all it was only an hour a week. “Inspire made something click. I realised that I  couldn’t carry on in the same way.”

For more information about Inspire telephone 01282 644100 or visit