Wanless Bridge

Pendle Canal Walk – Wanless Bridge and Barrowford Locks (2.5 miles)

by Colne Life magazine

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The Leeds & Liverpool Canal, with a total length of 127 1/4 miles, was opened in 1816. It links the sea port of Liverpool with the Aire and Calder Navigation at Leeds so forming a through route between the Irish Sea and the North Sea. Although no longer vital to local industry it is now an important attraction for the leisure industry.

Points of interest:

Stag House – the lodge for the ancient Alkincoates Estate Wanless Bridge – the major unloading point for goods in this are.

The ancient Blakey House and farm – seen on the left of the towpath after passing Wanless Bridge.

Barrowford Locks – one of only 2 sets of locks along the whole length of the canal.

Alkincoates Park – once a major part of Alkincoates Estate and now providing a leisure facility for all.

Flora and Fauna:

The area is home to a wide diversity of life.

Watch out for: Chaffinch, Tits, Jay, Goldfinch, Mallard and Kestrel. Stoat, Water Voles, Squirrels and Rabbits. Cow Parsley, Wild Rose, Speedwell, Vetch and Bluebells The beautiful Holly, Spruce, Elder and Hazel. Peacock and Tortoiseshell Butterflies, Damsel and Dragonflies

Click here to download and print the walk (PDF)