Awesome asparagus with parmigianino and lime

    awesome asparagus
    awesome asparagus

    Awesome asparagus with parmigianino and lime


    March 6, 2017


      16 asparagus spears

      Juice of 1 lime

      30 ml EV olive oil

      15 ml Balsamic vinegar

      A small wedge of Parmigianino Reggiano

      2 tsp Sea salt

      1 tsp cracked black pepper


      Mix lime juice, oil and balsamic plus ½ salt & black pepper. Coat asparagus and grill slowly on medium, turn frequently and baste occasionally. Remove asparagus once cooked through, lightly cover with shavings of Parmigianino and drizzle remaining lime, oil & balsamic, season with salt & black pepper to taste.


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